How Power Places™ Will Give You The Experience Of A Lifetime!

National Geographic’s “Traveler” Magazine states that Power Places Tours is “The Grandfather of Spiritual Tours”.

Unique and exciting personal experiences last forever. Dramatic, powerful personal experiences can literally change your life, making you wiser, happier, and more fulfilled. It’s true. The very best investment is in yourself and those you love. You, and your loved ones, deserve it.

We are not like the usual full-bus, name-tagged, superficial tours designed for the average tourist. We have designed our experiential tours with special care so that you will not only see the most extraordinary places in the world, but you will also experience them. Our expert guidance provides the atmosphere and time to focus on deeper, more meaningful experiences of the sites you visit. Like many of our tour participants, you will take home not only lasting memories, but also profound, life changing insights and experiences. We are intimately familiar with countries we travel to and often know the local officials and guides on a personal basis, therefore our tours get the V.I.P. treatment few other visitors receive. We usually stay at first class and deluxe hotels which are the quality facilities for “those who know” that the normal tourist is not aware of. Yet, our tour prices are usually much lower than the regular luxury tours.

What is a Power PlaceTM? What will be experienced there?

There are two types of Power Places Tours. The first are monuments and places created by ancient or more recent civilizations of a particular country. They emit a special high quality energy that lifts the visitor sensitive to them up into a higher state of consciousness. You may feel that energy as awe or amazement, an urge to know and understand more about what caused their extraordinary creation. You will enjoy exploring these Power PlacesTM completely. There is another type of Power PlaceTM that can be equally interesting and exciting. These Power PlacesTM are the nature sites with which generations of people have spiritually identified for many centuries. Often, they include beautiful sites with energy vortexes that produce a sense of wonder just as powerful as the most magnificent man-made cathedrals. Many of these sites are known for their healing and rejuvenating powers. Others emit energies which not only heal and calm, but can also raise the quality of your energy level, and help you become a happier person.

We have visited, investigated and led group tours in dozens of the most exotic parts of the world even before Power Places Tours was created. During the 35 years of organizing and managing tours, thousands of clients have visited over 21 of the world’s most exotic countries traveling hundreds of thousands of miles under all sorts of conditions. We have enjoyed an unblemished record of safety and security during these years. That’s one reason so many satisfied Power Places™ travelers come back to travel with us again and again. We know every country’s climate, political situation and how it responds to American and international visitors. We work with local officials and citizens to make your visit as comfortable, pleasant and safe as possible.

Based on 35 years of successfully organizing and leading tours to Power PlacesTM, we can say your traveling companions could be some of the nicest people you have ever met. Some are aware of Power Places Tours around the world and eager to increase their knowledge. Many other traveling companions are also intelligent, curious people who want to see and enjoy more of a country than the usual tourist. They want to experience the people, get the feel of a nation’s character and spirit. And that’s what we’re all about.

Every trip includes a custom itinerary designed around the focus or particular theme of the travel program, deluxe or first class hotels, sumptuous meals as included in the itinerary, hotel taxes and service charges, extensive sightseeing specially selected for that particular tour, entrance fees to the numerous ancient sites visited, metaphysically sensitive expert guides, specially trained tour manager from Power Places Tours, tips to porters, transfers and transportation on planes, first class air conditioned trains and/or buses, most include round trip international airfare, plus much more. (Since each tour is unique, please check your individual itinerary for specific details.)

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